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Data Collection


Web Scraping, AI, Robot Process Automation, Internet Researchers, all on Demand

Our researchers can web scrape any website of interest to you and extract the valuable insights and information that your team can use for whatever your needs may be. We employ different scraping tools to extract data from any website on the internet onto a spreadsheet, database or any other form you choose.

Web pages are often used as user interfaces for humans, which sometimes makes web scraping difficult. We use Robot Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence to emulate a person’s action. Then, we employ our web-scraping tools.

Internet Research

Sometimes AI and RPA techniques do not work; this is when our internet research services may help. We have teams of people who are experts at finding things on the internet – employing all the tricks to sift through data – inurl, quotation bracketing, and file-type are just a few of the many techniques used. Our teams of researchers can extract almost any information you need using the most modern web research technologies and tools.

Benefits of outsourcing data collection services to Tailor Research

We’ve handled many complex and huge web research projects that involved extracting different data: phone number, email, website, title, social media profile, etc. We help our clients to get what they need. By using our internet research and data mining services, we can collect extremely important business information which can help you to make a competitive strategy in the market. So, what exactly will you gain with us:

  • Many years of experience in dealing with clients. Worldwide.

  • Access to a super-team of skilled & trained professionals.

  • Maximum accuracy.

  • Modern internet research services technology and tools.

  • Regular updates and timely delivered results.

  • Absolute information security and data safety.

  • Increase your company’s profits and reduce in-house costs.

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