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Report Writing


We create a comprehensive research report

Surveys provide a wealth of decision-making information, but the results must be presented in the right format, introducing the survey findings from different perspectives.

The written research report is a continuation of the work the Data Analytics team does in excel, only with more synthesis analysis and it brings the information together in a holistic and easily digestible way. The value of such a report is more than obvious.

Research Analysts write a report that includes detailed summaries of each question, key findings of the survey, highlighted areas of interest, etc. A typical research report is twenty-pages long. Customers who have paid for this service once, continue to see the value and are often permanent users.

You will see not only the statistics, but what the statistics mean also. Let’s say, for example, a Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) survey shows 81% of customers like the new jacket your company created, but supporting data shows customers also think it’s overpriced compared to similar jackets on the market. We see most comparable products are $10 less than yours, but your jacket keeps customers warmer in lower temperatures. In this situation, our report explains a new marketing initiative that focuses on the jacket’s ability to keep customers warmer, which differentiates it from competitors and justifies the additional cost to customers. That’s the insight that stemmed from the survey results.

This Research Report excerpt image is from three sections of an actual research report (snippets from sections). The full richness of a report can be furnished upon request.

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