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A unique business model that allows for the best of all types of service provider.

Tailor Research

Service and quality you deserve at a price you wouldn´t expect.


How we help your business

We know the importance of working closely with our partners to design, implement, and synthesize results in a comprehensive and time-sensitive way because we have been providing services since 2007.


Phone, Panels, etc. We design, program and execute in-depth, high quality surveys utilizing stratified random sampling.

CX Programs / Campaigns

Measuring and ongoing monitoring of a customer or employee's experience.

Report Writing & Analytics

We can help you categorize open-ended questions, build charts, graphs and tables on survey data, or write an entire research report.

Data Collection

We can help you find information on the internet, collect it, and organize it, including contact information for campaigns.

Mystery Shopper

We offer many different mystery shopper solutions like Video, Product Placement Evaluation, Price Audits and more

Small Business Competitive Analysis

We can help customers understand their customers and their competitors better, to offer advantage.


Who We Are

Founded in 2007 and serving our partners around the globe, Tailor Research is an alternative to traditional market research companies. Our seasoned professionals have spent years building a unique, proprietary platform that delivers human thoughtfulness, at scale, globally.


Quality Research
Good value that drives more research for less
Dedicated team that solves problems rather than forcing solutions


Multi-layer of humans, along with A.I., rigorously Quality Assure (QA) and scrub every result.
Different business model that has a unique distributive human resource platform designed to deploy a human’s touch at scale and efficiently. Our lack of overhead is your savings
Fully bespoke service, customized to your needs, with personalized, consultative service from beginning to end.

Tailor Research has successfully executed projects across the globe, including the U.K., U.S.A., Spain, Brazil, Mexico, France, Italy, Germany, Canada, and more.

Illustrative Completed Projects


Tailor Research offers excellent service and thought partnership in designing customer research reports. The team is able to produce valuable insights faster and with more breadth than competitors. This is critical when we’re working on short timelines.

Private Equity Firm

AUM: over $2.5bln, over 150 deals

“We’ve continued to use Tailor Research as a core part of our diligence process for a number of years now, as a result of their consistently reliable and prompt delivery of high-quality data, offering unique insights with an impressive reach. Steve and the team are a pleasure to work with and we look forward to working with Tailor research in the years ahead.”

Hedge Fund/Alternative Investments


About Us

Measuring and ongoing monitoring of experience data, explaining the ‘why’ of the trends and patterns you see. Our unique business model provides a systematic, controlled network (scalable workforce) to help ensure that you get the personal touch you deserve at a low cost.

Anything that is measured and watched improves


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